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For more than 20 years, University Compounding Pharmacy has been the leader in compounding treatments for erectile dysfunction, hormone replacement therapy, sexual health, and women’s health.

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Frustrated With Your Compounding Pharmacy?

The industry has trained you to expect:

Slow and unpredictable customer service, causing patients to call your office

Long hold times and inadequate customer service, reflecting poorly on you

Patients fall through the cracks due to haphazard communication and inadequate systems

Little quality assurance so you have lingering doubts about potency when patients don't respond to treatment

Expensive compounding fees UCP specializes in compounding, passing on the savings to you

Your Doctor Is a Specialist. Your Compounding Pharmacy Should Be Too.

At University Compounding Pharmacy, we believe in the advantages of specialization. Those advantages enable us to provide …

Fast, Reliable Service
Most orders are compounded and shipped within 24 hours

Our Guarantee
Every patient contacted within four hours of referral

Expert Customer Service
Real answers from real people. Fast.

Less Time On Hold
Most calls answered within 30 seconds

By The Numbers

$10,000 Spent Monthly on 3rd party testing

We invest $10,000 each month in 3rd party testing to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding all standards for potency and accuracy. We are not required to invest this much, but we wouldn’t think of doing otherwise.

Investing in Customer Service like you’d invest in your health.

We invest every day to be the premier choice to compound bio-identical hormones for men’s and women’s health.

We hire good people—and a lot of them—with the goal of answering every call within 30 seconds, giving patients and physicians the answers they need, and sending out every order accurately, most within 24 hours.

In fact, we track our performance on every order to ensure we exceed all our patients’ and physicians’ expectations for potency, accuracy, and customer service. We’re relentlessly focused on getting better every day.

"This pharmacy is FANTASTIC! They are professional and will help you understand and educate as needed. I had an order which my doctor forgot to prescribe in a pump, and gave me syringes. They were more than happy to convert my medication. They are professional and well informed! "

"Karen H"

"Fast refills and beat everyone's price for the supposedly really difficult drug to get! [Another pharmacy] wanted to charge me $4000 per month, here they make it for me for $65 per month. Friendly and clean place."

"Karina K"

"University Compounding Pharmacy is a bit of a drive for me, but I wouldn't get my meds anywhere else! They offer excellent customer service and affordable prices. I recently started seeing a new doctor who is over an hour away. He asked if I had a pharmacy that I wanted him to send my prescription to, and when I told him University, he said that he recommends them to everyone because of their low cost and expertise! I was pleasantly surprised that he knew about this place because it's nowhere near his office. It really boosted my confidence in their work. "

"Michelle D"

"Been using them as my primary compounder for my patients for going on four years and they will always be my first choice. I love what they stand for, they really support the integrative and functional medicine community beyond their own business."

"Gretchen Perry-Emery, NP"

Wish you were as happy with your compounding pharmacy as they are? Give us a call today and discover for yourself what University Compounding Pharmacy can do for you.

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