About Us

Our Story

University Compounding Pharmacy is a family-owned business founded in 1999 by Joe McCloskey. Why create a new business when there were so many pharmacies already in play? The reason is simple. Joe was drawn to compounding so he could meet a need that was not being addressed by the medical community. Realizing that every customer who walked through his door was unique, he searched for a way to treat everyone in a specialized way. His training and dedication to providing something different led to something quite exceptional: providing quality, customized medications to his customers at affordable prices. It’s a niche we aspire to every day.

Our steadfast commitment to providing excellent products for our customers has allowed University Compounding Pharmacy to build a reputation for being the best in the business. Achieving PCAB Accreditation in both sterile and non-sterile compounding is only one way we show how important our customers are to us. Our prestigious name in the pharmacy community has allowed our company to expand operations to meet the public’s ever-increasing need. Our latest move in the spring of 2017 was into an expansive facility that houses state-of-the-art laboratories for our sterile and non-sterile preparations. Every part of our operation complies with USP 795 and 797 regulations. We are also well prepared for new USP 800 regulations when they become effective. All of this is to assure our customers that their safety and the quality of their medications is our number one priority.

As we continue to grow in the future, we will hold strong to our roots. Today, University Compounding Pharmacy is still family owned and operated by Joe’s son, Brad. He continues the tradition that his father started nearly 20 years ago. By offering unparalleled customer service alongside our high-quality reputation, we will continue to expand our reach and provide what’s most important of all: enriching the lives of people through the use of affordable compounded medications.

Core Values

  1. Have respect for all
  2. Take pride in everything you do
  3. Continue to strive for excellence
  4. Work your hardest
  5. Display positive team spirit

Our Purpose

Enriching people’s lives

Our Niche

Providing quality compounded medications with exceptional service

Our Team