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Affordable Trimix Injections

Oral medications for ED only work 60% of the time. For patients who do not respond to oral therapy, bimix, trimix, and even quadmix injections are an option. Depending on the amount your healthcare specialist orders for you, the average cost works out to be $2 – $10 per use. We take quality and safety seriously. Every bimix, trimix and quadmix injection we dispense has passed testing by an independent laboratory to guarantee its safety. Other pharmacies may offer the same medications for less but not with the same safety assurances. We offer the following formulations in varying strengths:

  • Bimix solution [papaverine + phentolamine]
  • Trimix solution [papaverine + phentolamine + alprostadil (PGE1)]
  • Quadmix solution [papaverine + phentolamine + alprostadil (PGE1) + atropine]

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Trimix Patient Directions (English)

Trimix Patient Directions (Spanish)

Trimix Patient Directions (Arabic)

Affordable Oral Medications

Additionally, patients and healthcare specialists may be interested in:

  • Generic Viagra tablets (Sildenafil citrate tablets) (commercial product)
  • Tadalafil rapid dissolve tablets
  • Generic Cialis tablets (commercial product)
  • Generic Levitra Tablets (Vardenifil) (commercial product)

All options are available with a valid prescription from a healthcare professional

Instructional Videos

ED Injection Tutorial

Subcutaneous Injection

Vacuum Pump Tutorial